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Google number 1 page ranking for ‘Cool Art’ in UK & US. The Funky Art Gallery (2010) was born to provide a worlds first unique gallery focused on contemporary urban art, that also offer exclusive artworks by international artists. Proud to be different! We make a strict selection on who is selling with us, offering high quality cool art pieces - Contemporary Art with an edge!


We offer our Artists:

  • Online selling
  • Worldwide promotion
  • Marketing and PR & Guidance and Mentoring
  • International Art Fair opportunities
  • Representation to our client database
  • Extra promotional features
  • Promotion to our nearly 4000 Facebook fans
  • Promotion to our 20.000+ Twitter fans
  • Further exposure through LinkedIn, G+ and partners


In return we expect a loyal partnership, keeping your art space up to date, staying alert with email communication.

Selected members are able to join for a non-refundable annual member fee of £50 for the standard account and £195 for the premium account.

We give you the best possible exposure. Taking only 35% commission fee of the retail price you’re your artwork on Standard Account, and 30% commission on Premium Account. Significant smaller than some other galleries out there. Once selected to sell with us, you will be directed to a login form to create your own personal account, start uploading your artwork immediately and start selling.


We make a strict selection sourcing for the finest pieces of cool art. We have a strict no 'flower pot' or 'fruit bowl' art policy in place.


Art to be sold on our website needs to be:

  • Authentic
  • Between £50 - £5000 GBP
  • Limited Edition Art should not exceed more than 50 copies.
  • Urban Art, Street Art, Cool Art, Funky Art, Contemporary Art with an edge.
  • Comes with Authenticity Certificate provide by the Funky Art Gallery.




*** Standard Account:

  • Annual fee £50 and 35% commission.
  • Minimum of 5 art pieces online.
  • Maximum of 9 art pieces online.
  • Min x2 works Exclusive for 1 month at all times.
  • Regular promotions & mentions on social media
  • Special Launch Promo
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Review after 1 year.


****** Premium Account:

  • Annual fee £195 and 30% commission.
  • Maximum of 18 art pieces online.
  • Min x1 works Exclusive for 1 month at all times.
  • Featured Artist on homepage
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Facebook Photo Album
  • Pinterest Album
  • Special Launch Promo
  • Blog Interview
  • First to join Exhibition opportunities
  • Regular promotions & mentions on social media
  • Press mentions wherever possible
  • Review after 1 year.




When being accepted to The Funky Art Gallery, having paid the annual fee of £50 for Standard Account or £195 for Premium Account, and supplying your artwork onto The Funky Art website you are committed to a legally binding contract with The Funky Art Gallery and accept all clauses in this document.

If you do not agree to be bound by this contract, you may not submit your art on our website, exhibit with us, be represented or promoted by us. 0.0 Sell with the Funky Art Gallery


0.1 Art must be between £50 - £5000 GBP.

0.2 Limited Edition Art should not exceed more than 50 copies.

0.3 Uploaded artworks should be in JPG or PNG below 1MB, with no text, website or copyright images displayed on it.

0.4 Uploaded images of artworks should be taken with a solid background, in high resolution. Images that are unprofessional for the website and/or low quality will be removed.

0.5 Art needs to be funky, urban, street, cool, no flowerpots, no fruit bowls, no dull landscapes… etc.

0.6 Artists that don't perform well, have not enough artworks for sale, have negative customer feedback, or have unprofessional images of the artworks (such as low res, and poor quality, not solid background) will get one warning, before official removal from the website.

0.7 Every piece of artwork should come with Authenticity Certificate, indicating 100% Authentic Art, and if Limited Edition which print number. Certificates are available from the Funky Art Gallery and need to be printed, and included into the packaging when shipping the artwork.

0.8 Art is shipped for free within the country of residence of the artist. International shipping options will be contactable through TFAG. We advise you give information for international shipping within the shipping description. Customers will then contact us before ordering.

0.9 You are restricted from including any of your own promotion, such as flyers, business cards, etc that includes your contacts details. The Funky Art Gallery customer remains The Funky Art Gallery customer.

0.10 What we expect from Artists; Acknowledge, act and reply within 48 hours of email received that you have sold. Have at least x3 pieces exclusive for sale with TFAG at all times.

0.11 All your artworks should be priced equally or less expensive than you have for sale with other channels.

0.12 Keep your gallery section updated, mark sold when sold, and upload new artworks weekly/monthly.

0.13 Failing to do any of the above will result in a removal from the website, not being able to exhibit with us again, and a blacklist for future collaborations, not limited to the Funky Art Gallery.


1. The Funky Art Gallery Rights

1.1 The Funky Art Gallery has the right to remove artwork from the website. And have the final decision over who is accepted for selling with us, exhibiting with us and be represented by us. You must not provide us with false information of any kind. Any art submitted by you to the site will be bound for sale on You are responsible for notifying The Funky Art Gallery of any sold artwork by updating your personal account and keep maintaining this as long as we work together. Once a sale has been approved through us you are legally bound to The Funky Art Gallery to complete and dispatch the order in the time set out in this contract. You will inform The Funky Art Gallery of any changes to your personal information and any periods of absence.


2. Sales, Fees and Receiving Payments

2.1 For selling, promotion, exhibiting opportunities, marketing and being represented by us we ask for an annual fee of £50 GBP Standard Account or £195 for Premium Account. For other currencies please check: The joining fee cannot be returned no matter the claim and circumstances.

2.2 On all sales through our website you will receive 65% of the retail price for Standard Account and 70% for Premium Account, and The Funky Art Gallery will take 35% as a commission on Standard Account and 30% commission on Premium Account (This is to cover marketing costs, advertising costs, admin costs, costs for promoting your artwork, processing fees)

2.3 You will receive payments within 21 days of the delivery date. This will be made to you by PayPal transfer (unless otherwise agreed). We will raise a purchase order for the price that you receive within 48 hours and this will become live after 21 days from when the artwork has been delivered, to allow for our 14 day return policy.

2.4 Confirm your email address that is linked with your Paypal account before you add artwork as we make payments through Paypal.

2.5 If for any reason you require a different paying method than Paypal please contact us. We are also able to pay by BACS or by cheque.


3. Being part of The Funky Art Gallery

3.1 Signing up with The Funky Art Gallery means that you will be represented by us. We will promote your artwork that is on our website. We will advertise your work and you will be asked to join our Exhibitions. Our Exhibitions have limited availability and we cannot guarantee you will secure a place. The Exhibitions require a joining fee, this may different from each Exhibition. The exhibitions commission percentage will vary from exhibition to exhibition.

3.2 You are NOT exclusive to The Funky Art Gallery, however we do request to have at least x2 Exclusive art pieces for sale at all times.


4 Maintenance, Processing Orders and Postage & Packaging

4.1 You agree to keep maintaining your personal Funky Art Gallery space and update your art when sold. All items must be listed in an appropriate category and provided with description and price. We accept no responsibility for the information provided by artists which is made available through our website.

4.2 All artwork sent to the customer must be packaged securely, insured and sent with signature request. The Funky Art Gallery will not compensate for any loss or damaged artwork. No artist contact details are to be on, or included in the artwork package. The customer remains the customer of The Funky Art Gallery. Failure to do any of this could result in your profile being removed from the website, or charges being incurred by you payable to The Funky Art Gallery for time taken to make forced amendments due to your negligence.

4.3 For delivery you either have the choice to mark your uploaded artwork for sale, as free worldwide delivery or free delivery within your country. Postage costs are at your own expense and should be built into the retail price. Should there be a delay in delivery to the customer, The Funky Art Gallery must be informed immediately. Any artwork damaged prior or during transit must be collected by the artist at your own expense, unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Please note that some couriers (i.e. parcel2go) do not insure artwork & paintings for damages, so secure packaging is very important!

4.4 Any artwork returned within our 14 day Return Policy, will be sent directly to the address you have provided to us. No refund will be given to cover postage costs. Once the artwork have been returned safely, please notify The Funky Art Gallery immediately.


5. Copyright

5.1 All artworks must be signed by the artist. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that series and editions are adhered to and that suitable records are maintained and this should reflect on the website as well as the Authenticity Certificates you must supply with the order, which is downloadable from our website. You must manage your stock levels on the website to reflect the number of an edition available.

5.2 The Copyright of the artwork remains with the Artist. The Funky Art Gallery might use images of your artwork for marketing purposes. You will be informed about this.


6. Contact Details

6.1 You will inform us of any changes to your contact details in advance or as soon as possible.


7. The Customer

7.1 The customer remains The Funky Art Gallery customer and you agree not to promote your own art, website or details to the customer. However you are allowed to promote your artwork with The Funky Art Gallery details provided, but not including your own contact details, website details and/or art fair details you are attending or any other individual promotion otherwise agreed in writing with The Funky Art Gallery.


8. Changes to Terms and Conditions

8.1 The Funky Art Gallery reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, they will take effect from the date of publication.


9. Indemnity

9.1 You agree to indemnify and hold The Funky Art Gallery or affiliates harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of English courts. The laws of your country may be different from English law. You shall comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations.