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by Vera Elena Solodovnikova


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  • Dimensions in cm: 80 x 60 cm
  • Materials: Acrylic
  • Delivery: Europe delivery 2 working days, outside Europe please contact
  • Artwork Code: vera_Vera2
  • Description: In this series of work, I want to illustrate what the earth will look like when human beings disappear entirely from the world, and only animals are left. After the departure of the human race from Earth, a new era will begin in which animals rule the planet, developing their own traditions, customs, belief systems and religious cults. The time when animals were raised to the rank of the gods will return, as in ancient times, during which animals played a central role in the religious beliefs and myths of pagan, pre-industrial humanity, a time in which it was believed that they possessed supernatural powers and during which they were revered not just as cultural heroes but also as the creators of socio-cultural traditions which endured for many centuries.
Vera Elena Solodovnikova

Vera Elena Solodovnikova originally from Latvia, after studying at the University of Arts London, she now lives and works in Barcelona.

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