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my baby shot me down

by Nini Martini

my baby shot me down

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  • Art Info
  • The Artist
  • Dimensions in cm: 80-125cm
  • Materials: Photography
  • Delivery: Free shipping to (Germany) Dispatched within 3 working days
  • Artwork Code: ninitwo
  • Description: funky peace of fun..available in any size you need! as much as you can!
Nini Martini

Nini Martini... after a big year in Barcelona, she is back in Germany... Now based in Berlin! Creator of Modern Pin Up Photography which is inspired by classic pin ups, mermaids, music, movies, martini, skateboarding, street art, funky art, urban art. High heels, hip hop, hula hoop, true romance, nail polish, bubblegums, bubble girls, cats, aerobic, Cindy Lauper, Flashdance, punk rock, slayer, steel drums, sunshine, Hawaii, fortune cats, lipstick, lingerie, geishas, graffiti, luna parks, New York, Rio, Tokyo, burlesque, backyard sales, trailer trash, ghetto bass.

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