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Loes van Delft Funky Art GalleryCrowned with the Best Global Artist Award at the Amsterdam International Art Fair back in 2012 Loes van Delft has since become even more successful and a powerful key player in the art market with her artworks booming and becoming a huge investment for contemporary art collectors.

The young award-winning artist has taking the art world by storm, she recently exhibited at 3 Punts Galeria in Barcelona alongside Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Blek Le Rat, D*Face and many others. It seems Loes van Delft has the spark that touches many art souls, she's had a huge feature in Playboy NL magazine about her artworks and is known for her TV debuut ‘Connected’. She mingles with the famous in the Netherlands and is now taking over the world.

We were lucky to sit down with her and talk about her journey so far - and very happy to represent her art works in our gallery that are for sale here.

You started your art career at a young age, what was it about this path that excited you?
At a young age I was always intrigued by paintings on the walls of the houses of friends and family. This appealed more to me than flowers or furniture. It were the paintings that always caught my attention and I couldn't stop watching at it.

As I grew older, my dad took me to museums and that's where I fell in love with art. And that's when I knew "this is gonna be my life!!!"

What do you find most interesting about the work you do, and the art industry? And what do you find most annoying and difficult?
To be able to work totally free I can do my own thing. It is so rewarding that my work is appreciated, I have a lot of good feedback from buyers and collectors who, every time they look at a painting, tell me it makes them happy. In the art world I was so lucky to meet fellow painters (I still hate the word artist) which is both fun and inspiring. Sometimes I have a creators block. Lots of people think it's 'easy' to create paintings but they don't understand that you can't force a creation. Sometimes the magic is just not there. I hate those moments, but that's life.

Your artwork is known for the key character ‘Pjipje’ How was Pjipje born? And what does it represent?
I was always drawing in my younger years - I was born with a pencil in my hand :) . I wrote short stories and illustrated them. Pjipje grew organically. I was never thinking about 'creating a cartoon character' so I could become an artist. It just happened. I think Pjipje represents me. Who I am, how I am, how I feel. Whatever I paint, it comes from the heart. I am what I paint.

If you could describe your artwork in 3 words what would they be?
Happy, happy, happy.

You recently exhibited at Art Basel Miami, which is one of the biggest events in the art world, how was this for you?
I was so nervous. You seriously can't imagine. I never shown my work to such a large audience before. I mean, HELLO, we're talking Art Basel! It's not just a normal art event. This was the very first time Pjipje was shown in Miami, which was my ultimate dream, to be represented at this amazing art happening. But Pjipje was not new for America since Patty Findlay is my art agent in New York. But I was also curious how their reaction would be. People don't know me as a person, and don't know my work. But I got so much support and positivity and the owner of a big art event in Taiwan saw my work there and contacted me to be 'special guest' for a big art fair in Taiwan, coming March!!! Things turn up the good way. I'm so thankful for all the beautiful things coming my way.

You are a big sensation on social media. How does it feel to have become such an inspirational person to many… whether it to be about your art, or about your beauty – you are a very popular public figure, how do you cope with all the attention?
I think these days, it's important to show your art with Social Media. I mean, in this modern world it's so easy to show your paintings to the world through the internet. I also figured out, people love to see the person behind the paintings. They are not only interested in the art, but also what inspires you, the way you live, the way you look. When I participated in the Dutch real life documentary 'Connected' I learned how to show your life. The positive, but also the negative things you're going through. People love to see the real life. The pureness.

What are you currently working on?
I just finished a few commissioned pieces and now I'll start to work on my own collection. I'll be painting on mega size for the first time and will continue with the adventures of angry Pjipje.

What can we expect more from you, what is in the future for you?
England is waiting for Pjipje. I'm in contact with a leading gallery.

Why should people buy your artwork right now?
Become next year, maybe it's the double price. Hahaha!

If you could have a dinner party with 4 (famous) people dead or alive, who would they be and why?
Herman Brood, he is the Rock 'N Roll Junkie! And of course Michael Jackson (and I definitely want to be seated next to him) - he's so sweet. Domic Purcell is also welcome because he has such a beautiful body - haha. And last but not least Penelope Cruz, only if she promises not to steal Dominic...... would be a great party!

To learn more about Loes and to buy her artworks online check her Funky Art Gallery out here.

LOES Van Delft