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The number one art gallery for the Cool Art. The Funky Art Gallery provides a worlds first unique gallery focused on contemporary urban art, that also offer exclusive artworks by international artists. Proud to be different...
  • Aisha Haider

    Artist born and resides is the United Kingdom, bestselling artist in several galleries online. Sucessfull exhibitions held in London and Lancashire. Contemporary and impressionistic artwork full of vibrancy that shows the beauty of nature. City... More
  • Casey Rogers

    UK based artist creating a variety of colourful, eye catching fun and affordable animal illustrations. Each illustration has a personality and Casey uses a unique blend of mark making, colour and computer tech to create her art works. A... More
  • Christophe Fraser

    After having practiced landscape and architecture silver print photography for years, Christophe Fraser is now using past and present pictures in order to compose new ones using mixed technics to express an idea or an emotion. More
  • Dana Kathy

    Self-tought Spanish artist born in 1992 'Dana Kathy' her art is called Minifreakz. Originally from Germany living all of her life in Mallorca. Mallorca, its nature, its magic light and especially all the different people that live here are my... More
  • Dirty Hans

    Dirty Hans is an original Painter & Illustrator that's specialises in High Impact Contemporary Urban Art Self-taught artist, born Liverpool/England. Hans began painting upon finding it was the only thing that brought a calming effect over his... More
  • Ellen Stapleton

    International Award Winning artist Ellen Stapleton creates colourful artwork portraying scenes of a vibrant, beautiful Utopia. She is inspired by street art, tattoo design and nature; and her travels to exotic locations around the world. Ellen has... More
  • Filippo ioco

    Filippo is an icon, to the initiated he is a role model and an inspiration, he is one of the most important and outstanding Body Painting Artists of all time. Filippoʼs work covers an extraordinary range of styles and concepts. iocoʼs work is... More
  • Irina Rumyantseva

    UK based independent emerging artist. Creating a variety of affordable artwork from abstract art to figurative art, floral art to landscape, seascape, cityscape, animals and wildlife, and still life paintings mainly on canvas using an array of... More
  • Isabelle Pelletane

    “I began by throwing the paint in the 1990s, with my teaspoons, and that did not leave me any more! The Action Painting was imperative upon me. Certainly, a need to expel what there is in the depths of me. Is not the painting the reflection of the... More
  • Jamie Paul

    Jamie has lived and worked as an exhibiting visual artist in England, Australia and Singapore. Using a mixture of media such as oil & acrylic, charcoal, oil stick, spray paint and even household paint on canvas, paper & raw linen, he blends... More
  • Jean Raphael Designs

    Miami based French Artist Jean-Raphael. "Paris was my home for 20 years where I did business and Art school. I moved to South of France in 1999 to create successful restaurants, where I exposed my Art Work. Based in Miami since 2011, I'm creating... More
  • Julia Everett

    Julia is a London Thames based artist and a painter of vivid abstract landscapes & seascapes, influenced by nature & music. Her paintings are named from song titles & lyrics. More
  • Loes van Delft

    The paintings of Loes van Delft combine an innocent quirkiness with a cheeky cartoon feel. Blurring the borders between fine brush strokes and commercialism, the characters are endearing, charming and amazingly vivid. More
  • Nini Martini

    Nini Martini... after a big year in Barcelona, she is back in Germany... Now based in Berlin! Creator of Modern Pin Up Photography which is inspired by classic pin ups, mermaids, music, movies, martini, skateboarding, street art, funky art,... More
  • Raffaella Bertolini

    I am Italian and been living in London since 1998.I create Psychedelic Pop Art. My main subjects are portraits, I get inspired by the great musicians of the 20th century, “pop Icons", Movies, Artists and anything that catches my attention. I then... More
  • Shane Bowden

    Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1974. Lives and Works in San Diego, California, USA. Ever a mercurial figure, Shane Bowden eludes public apprehension & definitions by constantly shifting styles & adhering to his own intuitive program of freedom &... More
  • SLY

    An artist exhibiting in mainly spray stencils and oils. He has exhibited at the Saatchi alongside the likes of Banksy, Terry O'Neil, Tracy Emin and Vic Reeves and now has a permanent collections at the Cut-Up in Germany and outside the square... More
  • The ArtBoards

    The ArtBoards is a Barcelona based skateboard company bringing handmade artworks and skateboard decks together. All the ArtBoards designs are original artworks handmade by the artists; from classic and famous artists to the most emergent artists... More
  • Tony Broadbent

    Tony paints/draws, creates mainly in the abstract. Bold vibrancy to calm imagery are the signature of his work. " I feel that art is in the mind and the expression of such is for all." My abstract work varies and develops - it will,... More
  • Vera Elena Solodovnikova

    Vera Elena Solodovnikova originally from Latvia, after studying at the University of Arts London, she now lives and works in Barcelona. More