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Minnie Mouse Eats Ice Cream

by Raffaella Bertolini

Minnie Mouse Eats Ice Cream

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  • Dimensions in cm: 50x60 cm
  • Materials: Other
  • Delivery: Free shipping to UK Dispatched within 3 working days
  • Artwork Code: Minnie
  • Description: "Minnie Mouse eats Ice Cream"
    Pencils , Indian black Ink Drawing on Bristol paper, 270gsm, 50x60cm.
Raffaella Bertolini

I am Italian and been living in London since 1998.I create Psychedelic Pop Art. My main subjects are portraits, I get inspired by the great musicians of the 20th century, “pop Icons", Movies, Artists and anything that catches my attention. I then paint it incorporating the psychedelic element, transforming it into something more’s like seeing it through a kaleidoscope.

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